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ESCO is committed to helping our clients turn their facilities into places that are more cost-efficient, environmentally responsible places to do business. We’ve based our company on the premise that lighting retrofit projects that were properly marketed, engineered and managed would create satisfied customers. Over 300 million square feet of lighting upgrades later, ESCO enjoys the reputation across the industry as the leader in high-quality energy efficiency lighting and the committed service, competitive pricing and know-how that comes along with it.

  • Full project management – From initial concept and design to installation and completion, we’re there with you every step of the way, managing the project so you don’t have to – on time, on budget and without disruption.
  • Comprehensive and accurate energy audit – The cornerstone of every successful lighting project begins here and ESCO possesses the in-house expertise.
  • Less Maintenance & less cost means an improved bottom line – The latest lighting technology dramatically reduces electricity consumption slashing utility bills by up to 70% and provides up to an additional 50% in lamp life which means lower replacement costs, less disposal reduced maintenance requirements freeing up valuable manpower.That means lower expenses and an improved bottom line.
  • Enhanced asset values – According to the Department of Energy, lighting accounts for over 40% of all utility costs for the average commercial building. ESCO’s lighting retrofits dramatically reduce that cost and make your facility more marketable, sustainable and efficient as you head into the future.
  • Better productivity – Studies show that lighting can have a dramatic impact on employee productivity. Not only can we help your organization save money on utility cost, but better lighting can help your employees become more productive as well!
  • Unaffiliated with Manufacturers – That means no obligations to any manufacturers to provide you with products you don’t need. ESCO works to identify products that find the best balance of energy savings, light quality and low cost that is best suited to your unique situation.

ESCO has successfully completed projects for a variety of businesses, institutions and government agencies across virtually all facility types under an array of conditions. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, prominent educational institutions, real estate investment and management firms, hospitals, manufacturers, retailers, parking garage and cold storage operators, government facilities and school districts across North America. With its customer-centered approach, unparalleled industry experience unmatched know-how and innovative thinking, ESCO continues to be the nation’s leader in energy-efficient upgrades and lighting retrofit projects.

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