Becton Dickinson Case Study





“Many contractors work in our facility. ESCO’s performance definitely stands out as exceptional.”
Becton Dickinson


Annual Cash Savings: $571,931

Annual kWh Savings: 5,419,725

Total Rebate for projects: $176,693

Payback: 2.33 yrs

ROI: 43%

ESCO completed its initial facility-wide lighting retrofit project for BD at the company’s manufacturing facility in Canaan, CT. The facility produces hundreds of thousands of disposable syringes weekly. In light of the intense production activities at the site, facility managers expressed deep concern over the potential for disruption in this highly sensitive environment resulting from the work surrounding the lighting retrofit project. The project consisted of changing metal halide to T5 high intensity fluorescent fixtures, retrofitting T12 fluorescent fixtures to T8 fluorescent, and retrofitting existing T8 fixtures with newer generation T8 lamps and ballasts and specular reflectors.

As a result of the foregoing lighting upgrade measures, the facility achieved annual energy savings of $538,244. When combined with the maintenance savings of $33,688, the payback on the project investment of $1,333,449, net of utility rebates of $176,693 resulting in an ROI of 43%.

Additionally, the facility managers and on-site personnel expressed amazement at the stealth like installation performed by ESCO. The facility reported no disruption or lost productivity.

As a result of the success of this project, ESCO was asked to design and install projects at BD’s Swedesboro, NJ and Redlands, CA distribution facilities. The primary upgrade measures at these locations were replacing metal halide fixtures with T5 fluorescent fixtures and adding occupancy sensors in warehouse aisles. Since occupancy levels are low in many of these areas, especially during later shifts, the energy savings achieved from the occupancy sensors are dramatic.

In support of the quality of ESCO’s performance, BD officials offered the following observations:

From the Canaan, CT Manufacturing Facility:

“The lighting retrofit project recently completed at the Becton Dickinson facility in Canaan, Connecticut was a complete success and a very positive experience. I would recommend ESCO to anyone who wants improved lighting for less cost.”

From the Redlands, CA Distribution Facility:

“This project truly went well beyond our expectations with respect to the planning and execution to ensure all systems were in place with little or no disruption to the day to day activities within the DC. Your team completed this project several days ahead of schedule and kept me informed of any issues at all times.”

From the Swedesboro, NJ Distribution Facility:

“Many contractors work in our facility. ESCO’s performance definitely stands out as exceptional. We are very pleased with the large energy savings and improved light quality achieved by replacing our metal halide fixtures with the new T5 fluorescent fixtures. The occupancy sensors are providing a sizeable amount of additional energy savings in a large portion of the warehouse where occupancy levels are relatively low. We appreciate the care and attention to detail that you put into your project design.”