PeoplesBank Case Study

ESCO has a long history of strong performance in completing lighting efficiency upgrade projects in the banking sector. As a result of this reputation, ESCO was selected to conduct lighting upgrade projects for People’s United Bank which is the largest regional bank headquartered in New England. The initial project scope included 27 bank branches located throughout New Hampshire and Maine.

ESCO mobilized its team of professional auditors and designers and in just over a week period was able to complete lighting audits on all 27 of the bank branches which ranged in size from 3,000 SF to 40,000 SF. In undertaking this assignment, People’s set forth a payback criteria of four years or less on its lighting upgrade capital investment ESCO’s strong proven design capabilities combined with its knowledge of utility rebate programs throughout New England enabled the company to deliver a project that met the four year payback threshold.

The project savings were achieved by replacing banned and soon to be banned T12 lamp and ballast technology with highly efficient and longer lasting Sylvania T8 XPS lamps and electronic ballasts. This technology provided higher lumen output at lower wattages and when combined with the installation of reflectors into existing fixtures, de-lamping was made possible without a loss of light levels resulting in further energy and maintenance savings.

Additional savings was achieved by upgrading the exterior building and parking lot lighting. Exteriors of the bank branches were primarily lit using inefficient High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) fixtures. HPS is also notorious for its poor light quality projecting a distinctive yellowish color The poor color given off by HPS and the light degradation properties of Metal Halides were a concern with respect to safety and aesthetics at the bank locations. To address these issues, ESCO retrofitted MH and HPS fixtures with Pulse Start Metal Halide lamps. The superior properties of this technology which includes higher lumen output per watt, improved efficacy, faster warm up and color uniformity. The light quality impact of the installation was immediate and well received by bank personnel and customers alike. The improved light quality even impacted the security cameras’ ability to capture images more clearly.

The combined investment made by People’s United Bank totaled $233,777 net of utility rebates of $58,262. The lighting upgrade produced annual savings of $58,963 resulting in a payback period of 3.9 years, within the bank’s benchmark goal of four years. The bank’s executives were extremely pleased with ESCO’s performance, the quality improvement of the lighting and the savings achieved. As a result and as a consequence of People’s United Bank’s recent bank acquisitions, ESCO was recently contracted to perform lighting retrofit projects at 39 additional bank branches located throughout the region.

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