Elk Grove Street Lights Upgraded to LEDs

The City of Elk Grove, California, recently began retrofitting approximately 10,000 street light bulbs with LEDs in an attempt to save energy and lower costs over the long term. The project was undertaken after a five-year pilot program to assess LED technology.

The ultimate goal of the pilot test: Locate a light that provided comparable brightness to the existing high pressure sodium bulbs the City was using. At the same time, the City needed to significantly reduce energy costs.

The goal of the project was to save at least 50%, and the City has exceeded that number. It now saves between 60% and 70% on each retrofit, according to Jeff Werner, the City’s senior civil engineer. Overall, the LEDs are projected to save the City $400,000 each year. The City is also seeing a large savings in maintenance costs because LEDs last longer than high pressure sodium lights.

The project will be completed by March 2015.

In Other LED News

•    Ireland’s largest secondary school, Gorey Community School, recently underwent an upgrade to its lighting. The project is projected to save 65% in lighting costs for the school. According to Frank Duke, vice-principal of the school, the administration is “delighted” with the retrofit.

•    Mundelein, Illinois, plans to upgrade its streetlights with LED bulbs in 2015 or 2016. The project is projected to reduce the village’s energy costs while also reducing its footprint on the environment. The village plans to retrofit 75% of its streetlights (about 900).