Louisville, Kentucky Bridge Uses LED Lighting

The Big Four Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge in Louisville, Kentucky, now uses LED lights to provide motion and color to its structure from sunset to 1 a.m. every day. According to www.louisvilleky.gov, starting this past February, the LEDs use a rainbow effect or a combination of several colors that “dance and move across the bridge.”

The new LEDs will display holiday themes for area visitors on certain dates, such as green LED lighting on St. Patrick’s Day, and red, white and blue LED lighting on the Fourth of July.

The bridge sits within the Louisville Waterfront Park, an eighty-five acre public park on the banks of the Ohio River. The installation included 1,472 LED lights that do not cause any glare off the bridge’s matte-rusted steel surface. According to Waterfront Development Corporation President David Karem, feedback so far from area residents and visitors has been “glowing.”

The LED lighting project cost $2.1 million, three-fourths of which was covered by private funding from more than 100 contributors. According to Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, the new LEDs add energy and appeal to the bridge and surrounding area.

The city plans to operate the bridge’s lighting year-round, and the LED fixtures are projected to last 10 years with a minimal operating cost.

Source: www.louisvilleky.gov/news/big-four-bridge-lights-night-color