New Car Design Center in Burbank, CA, Switches to LED Lighting Products

West Coast Customs (WCC), which offers custom automotive design solutions in Burbank, CA, recently switched to energy-efficient LED lights in its 60,000-square-foot headquarters, including its design center, showroom, and parking lot. The center utilized LED flat panels, tubes, and other LED products.

According to an article by The Herald, the switch to LED lighting will save WCC more than $26,000 each year. Also, the LED improvements equate to the following:

•    A reduction of 194,808 pounds of greenhouse gases per year
•    Saving more than 7,300 trees

WCC CEO Ryan Friedlinghaus told The Herald that after the company conducted an in-depth review of energy-efficient products, LED lighting solutions came out on top. Friedlinghaus specified that the LED upgrade uses less energy, saves money, and improves the quality of lighting.

Other benefits of the LED lighting include:

•    Burning up to 90% cooler than the fluorescent fixtures previously used
•    Emitting a cleaner and brighter light, resulting in greater visibility

This LED lighting retrofit project was featured in a two-part series of the TV show West Coast Customs, which airs on Fox Sports 2.