Project Financing

ESCO possesses the financial capabilities and expertise to structure innovative lighting program financing models that enable energy efficiency projects to be implemented with no initial capital requirement. Examples of program alternatives are show below.


A monthly payment plan is designed so that the monthly payment is less than the monthly savings creating a positive cash flow immediately. The initial payment is deferred until a month after the completion of the project. Therefore, when energy savings achieved during the installation phase is considered more than a month of savings has accrued thus providing an initial reserve for repayment. Further, the savings are verified with digital watt meter readings and amp meters ensuring the cash flow will be realized.


Constellation Energy has selected ESCO as a Channel Partner to offer and implement their new Efficiency Made Easy program (EME). EME bundles fixed price electricity (+3 yrs) with energy conservation measures, such as lighting retrofits. Customers pay for the cost of the energy conservation measures as part of their per kWh commodity charge over the length of the contract. There’s no upfront capital or financing required, and customers retain the benefit of the installed energy efficiency measures at the end of the commodity contract.

ESCO was chosen based on their outstanding customer service and more than twenty years lighting upgrade experience.


Special utility incentive programs are often structured with 0% financing in order to fulfill energy efficiency mandates. ESCO possesses strong multilateral relationship with utilities across the country and will help its clients navigate and obtain maximum available funds under subsidized financing rates. ESCO keeps abreast of changes in the availability of funds. Please inquire to see if your facility qualifies for zero percent financing for your energy project. Monthly payments are structured to be less than monthly savings creating positive cash flow immediately.


ESCO possesses relationships with several leading finance companies offering low cost lease alternatives where projects are structured to provide monthly energy savings in excess of monthly lease payments thereby creating immediate positive cash flow from investing in lighting upgrade projects.