The energy demands placed on today’s facilities are greater than ever. High electricity expenses are just seen as the cost of doing business. However, with ESCO’s turn-key lighting solutions incorporating innovative designs and state of the art technologies, you don’t have to accept high electricity expenses as an added cost of doing business. With energy demand outpacing the means o provide it, conserving energy and saving money is becoming more important than ever. In order to meet these challenges, more and more organizations are turning to lighting retrofit in order to save money and make their facilities more sustainable as they move into the future.

Lighting retrofits can help companies:

  • Save 35-75% on electricity costs
  • Raise the quality of your lighting which can lead to increased employee productivity and happiness
  • Increase profits
  • Prepare your existing facilities for a more environmentally-conscious future


For over 20 Years, ESCO has been a leading provider of innovative lighting efficiency solutions. ESCO’s comprehensive suite of services incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and design has enabled its clients to achieve maximum verifiable energy and operational savings at attractive ROI and payback metrics while improving light quality and furthering corporate environmental initiatives. Projects can be structured with no initial capital outlay.

We’re dedicated to keeping things as simple and streamlined as possible, offering solutions based on an easy-to-follow process that keeps you and your organization engaged in the direction of the project throughout its duration.

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