Smart Chip Lighting Technology – Supporting the Cities of the Future


The cities of today are inhabited by 54% of the world’s population. This accounts for 70% of the global energy supply.

As the world population increases (it is estimated to be twice as large by 2050), cities will have an exponentially greater impact on resource consumption and energy usage. Thus it is in cities where sustainable energy measures will have the greatest impact, and where they are of the utmost importance today.

19% of the world’s electricity usage can be attributed to outdated lighting technology. By transitioning to energy efficient lighting solutions, we can drastically reduce that percentage.

A worldwide transition to LED technology would reduce electricity usage by 8% – bringing lighting down to 11% of all electricity used throughout the globe.

Government funds that were previously used to pay for excess electricity consumption can be diverted towards more useful measures such as education and healthcare.

Environment-friendly LED street lights are now replacing outdated street lighting technology that used to rely on mercury, a toxic substance that had to be disposed of in a careful manner. The costs for this waste removal will no longer be required as LED lighting is mercury-free, unlike the high pressure sodium lighting that preceded it. Municipalities will be able to save money by eliminating these mercury disposal costs, and it will also help the environment.

LEDs are brighter than outdated street lights, and a conversion to LED street lighting can help to prevent automotive accidents as well as crime, which in turn can further lower costs for municipalities.

In addition, LED street lights last much longer than outdated street lighting technology, which used to have to be replaced on a regular basis – expensive maintenance contracts can now be reduced or eliminated altogether, saving municipalities even more money.

Converting from outdated street lighting to LED lighting can reduce energy costs by 40%. There is the opportunity for even more savings when smart chip technology is introduced.

When LEDs are connected to smart chip technology for remote management, energy costs can be reduced by 70%. Smart chip LEDs can be dimmed or brightened individually or as a group, providing further savings and giving municipalities more control over their financial future.

Smart chip technology can also be used to provide residents with free WIFI access, as is the case in Plainville, Connecticut, where ESCO Energy Services Company is installing new LED street lights.

For over 20 years, ESCO Energy Services Company has been the leading provider of innovative lighting efficiency solutions throughout New England. Now, ESCO’s comprehensive Municipal Street Light Conversion Program enables your community to cost-effectively take control of your town’s street lighting operations and achieve significant energy cost savings.

ESCO is the only New England — based company qualified to implement the CCM Streetlight Retrofit Program. We help communities control the cost of keeping their streets safe.

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